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Bankruptcy Law

"Jim Little provided great service with helping me figure out how to pay back a debt collector. Jim made the process smooth and was very good at answering all my questions. Another plus was he took care of my case within a week! I definitely recommend Jim Little."


Family Law

"A few years ago I had some family law issues that required some knowledge in another state. Jim dove right in and began learning North Carolina child custody law so he could best represent my needs. Jim took extra care to understand my situation and relate to me exactly how visitation and child support calculators work. Having Jim to guide me gave me the upper hand in a situation that could have turned into a messy long distance child support battle. He educated me and compared my situation to other cases, and provided me with possible outcomes should I have decided to pursue custody. With his dedication to my case I was able to leverage my stance with Mom and since then, we have improved our relationship greatly, and continue to make the best joint decisions for my daughter. Things have worked out nicely without hemorrhaging legal and court fees. I get all the visitation I want and pay a very fair CS payment. My relationship with my child would not be what it is today had it not been for Jim. He is trustworthy, dedicated and reliable and I highly recommend his services."


DUI Defense

"Jim Little was an absolute expert in his field and 100% reliable. He knew everything about the changes in the laws that took place in January. 1, 2014 that pertained to my incident Dec. 24, 13 and negotiated with integrity and knowledge. He got me the best possible outcome in all of my court dates and gave expert advise. I would hate for anyone to have to get a lawyer, but if it was to happen to a family member or friend, Jim would be the only lawyer I would recommend. I have told my experience to others in my mandatory classes and all have expressed how fortunate I was having Jim as my lawyer and after all the horror stories about others in this industry, I would completely agree. Jim was sympathetic but most importantly, a very talented lawyer. If you are honest with him, he will be completely honest with you and fight for you. He was worth every penny and without him, my outcome would have been clearly worse. I trusted him through the entire process and he was informative and encouraging. I am an expert in my field and it is so refreshing to work with another that has an incredible work ethic."