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Family Law

"I would like to emphasize how grateful I am for Jim Little's invaluable counsel over the last year. He expertly helped me navigate a difficult divorce. His efforts were tireless and his knowledge inspired confidence throughout the entire process. Jim was readily available at all times to answer the questions I had and remained dedicated to serving the best interests of his client. In the end, an agreeable compromise was reached and that would not have been possible without Jim's effort. I would not hesitate to recommend Jim Little to anyone in need of an excellent lawyer. "

- Sam

Criminal Defense

"James took care of EVERYTHING. He represented me after I got "stung" serving alcohol to a minor. It was a sticky situation from the beginning and James smoothed everything out for me. I never stepped foot in the courthouse. I was expecting a large fine or court costs, at least. DISMISSED! Thank You James! "


Criminal Defense

"Jim recently represented me in a dispute I was having with a former landlord. I was impressed with Jim's knowledge of the law and by how quickly and efficiently he was able to resolve the dispute. I will seek Jim's representation for any future needs and recommend his services to anyone in need of a lawyer. "

- Spencer

Family Law

"I have known Jim over 20 years. When a life-changing issue came up and I needed to fight for custody of my son, I did not hesitate or question who to call. Jim took the time to listen to me, assessed my requests, and worked to help me fight for the best outcome for my child. I respect Jim as a lawyer not only for his vast knowledge and understanding of the law, but because he was always honest with me. He is professional, intelligent, understanding, and reasonable. I would highly recommend Mr. Little. "

- TL

DUI Defense

"Very pleased with the services provided by Jim LIttle. Jim was very knowledgeable of the entire DUI process, the courts and all the players involved. I was pretty stunned and upset over the entire arrest but having Jim being able to guide me through the process took a major weight off my shoulders. Mr. Little kept in constant contact with me during the meetings with the DA, paper filing, DMV hearings and everything up through court sentencing. Notably, Jim also won the DMV hearing for me which was a major success in the process. He was also able to lower my offense with a plea bargain with the DA. it seems as though he has a good relationship with the Judicial system in Eagle County. I would suggest Jim's services to anyone looking for a Lawyer to help with such an overwhelming process. "

- Brian

Family Law

"In a situation that involved a cash settlement from equity in a property that my ex-wife and I owned together, Jim was able to make sure I got my fair share, and followed up on all the details concerning concluding the matter....his fee was fair..I even recieved a refund on part of my retainer!!! Jim was a pleasure to work with, and made an unpleasant experience
the best it might be..... "

- Jim